TMJ System


Established in 2013, OrthoTin leverages extensive experience and engineering knowledge to provide Lyka Smith customers with the Custom TMJ System. Collaboratively planned and produced in New Jersey, USA the OrthoTin TMJ System combines medical grade titanium, composite orthopaedic material plastics and nano ceramic coatings to produce a class leading TMJ replacement system.

TMJ System Breakdown

Comprising of three components; The Fossa, Fossa Bearing and Ramus the Custom TMJ System offers the ability for surgeons to stabilize and rehabilitate the patients jaw function with greater certainty.

The titanium Fossa component enables rigid site fixation preventing micromotion whilst maintaining optimal bone contact.

The UHWMPE Fossa Bearing is an open arc design replicating natural jaw function, enabling lateral excursion of the condylar head whilst limiting posterior movement avoiding the potential for dental malocclusion.

The ceramic titanium nitride coated Ramus component is designed to mimic the natural shape of the patient’s native condylar head, maintaining joint rotational axis and stability. The titanium nitride coating under testing conditions significantly reduces the frictional wear on the UWHMPE bearing improving the lifespan of the implant system.

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