Lyka Smith virtual planning offers surgeons the ability to provide combined Orthognathic, Trauma and Reconstructive solutions incorporating Anatomics Star Pore porous Polyethylene (HDPE). 

Using StarPore®
Facial Implants

Polymer surgical implants are a permanent, predictable and symmetrical option for facial reconstruction or augmentation. StarPore® implants are an advanced polymer tissue scaffold indicated for the repair or augmentation of contours in the skull and face. Made from clinical proven porous polyethylene (HDPE), animal studies have shown StarPore® implants allow for rapid infiltration of highly vascular tissue, which may assist in implant anchoring and more viable hard and soft tissue near the implant. StarPore® is very strong and malleable, simple to modify, will not crack or fracture and can be screw fixated anywhere.

with our bIOMODELS

Our biomodels are designed to complement the wide range of products and services that we offer. We can create custom-made designs to visualize osteotomies, occlusal splints, implants and custom facial plates. .

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