Reconstructive Options


Lyka Smith offers virtual planning and custom reconstructive solutions for complex cancer or reconstructive cases. Resections and trauma to maxilla, midface and mandible can be virtually planned, simulating a variety of surgical repair outcomes.

From fibula free flap and scapular reconstruction to non-vascularised and combined dental implant planning Lyka Smith’s virtual planning services can streamline the most complex of cases.


Lyka Smith custom cutting, drilling and fixation guides can be designed with varying surgeon or patient specific requirements in mind. Low profile and accurate our guides enable maximal placement accuracy, surgical precision and optimal visibility.

Guides can be designed according to surgical tool preference. Open flange cutting planes for burrs or enclosed slot for saws. Mounting, drilling and fixation sites are planned in to accommodate a range of fixation systems and placement markets and reference points show unique anatomical identifiers for ease of guide placement


Custom 3D printed reconstructive plates enable optimal bone contact and natural contouring. Complex anatomical curves and design features can be built into the design of the plate to maintain facial contours, establish opposing jaw alignment, and ensure maximal graft bone segment contact. 

The ability to completely model the custom plate from the ground up reduces margin of error substantially contributing to confidence in treatment plan and improved patient outcomes.

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