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Anatomical Biomodels

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At Lyka Smith, we process and interpolate patient CT scans to create accurate 3-dimensional models of patient anatomy. These models can be used during virtual surgical planning to anticipate procedures such as osteotomies, movements and plate fixation. Surgeons can also use these models during surgery to provide reference and instil confidence in any procedure.

For optimal model accuracy, please refer to our advised scanning procedure


where it matters

Our engineers are trained in combining higher resolution dental impression scans with patient models for increased accuracy where it matters. Critical anatomical landmarks including teeth roots and facial nerves can also be identified and highlighted during the process of model recreation.

For precise fabrication, our biomodels are accurately created using selective laser sintering, or SLS, 3D printing technology.  We ensure that the printing material is of medical grade fit for sterilisation. Fabrication is also available in other materials of your choice. 

with our products

Our biomodels are designed to complement the wide range of products and services that we offer. We can create custom-made designs to visualize osteotomies, occlusal splints, implants and custom facial plates. Biomodels are also commonly used for standard plate bending and screw planning.

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