Orthognathic Surgery


Lyka Smith offers the ability for surgeons to plan orthognathic cases both physically and digitally through our virtual surgical planning process. Our digital workflow enables case work and planning to vary depending on surgeon preference.

Occlusal splints can be designed and produced from CT/CBCT scans alone, or via digitization of plaster models.

Virtual planning enables guided osteotomy and screw positioning, avoiding nerve and or tooth root damage.

Complex, simultaneous yaw and cant corrections, the ability to account for posterior impaction bone interferences and soft tissue simulations allow for greater certainty and precision in planning.


3D Printing enables splints to be designed with all attributes required to achieve the perfect fit and function. Palatal brace/bridge, IMF wire holes, deep impressions and midline indicators are all possible design features which can be included with our digital orthognathic splints.

Lyka Smith can produce splints direct from teeth models, impressions or where required via CT/CBCT scan files removing the need for intra-oral scan or impression taking.

Splints are produced in a rigid clear biocompatible 3D printed material, to an accuracy of 27 microns our digital 3D printed splints can be sterilised using a variety of hospital processes.

Expedited delivery options enable Lyka Smith to supply completed orthognathic splints within 3 business days Australia wide.

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Customisable Design

As our splints are tailored to each individual patient, our team is highly specialized in producing custom designs upon request. We are flexible and proficient in a variety of CAD/CAM software packages to accommodate any preferences you may have. Whether it is a full design or a slight alteration, our team is dedicated to making your ideas a reality.


3D titanium custom plates offer stable fixation with the certainty and precision of digital planning. Custom plates can be designed in any variety of configurations and profiles factoring in multiple screw systems. Ideal for complex movements factoring yaw, cant, maxillary splits or impaction cases custom plates enable direct translation of planned movements into real world surgical accuracy.

Custom plate design freedom backed by engineering principles and FEA simulation enables your surgery to be tailored to each patient’s specific anatomical requirements and treatment plan. Virtual planning accounting for tooth, nerve and osteotomy position dictates the placement of and design to account for ease of intraoperative placement and high bone fidelity fixation sites.

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Report Generation

Our services are complemented by a Surgical Planning Report reviewing the step-by-step details of the surgery. Reports can serve as a guide to surgeons so that virtual planning can be easily transferred to real-life patient outcomes.

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