Guided Dental Surgery


Lyka Smith is a Melbourne based medical device manufacturer creating custom 3D printed biomodels, guides and patient specific implants for the craniofacial and dental industry.

Since 2017 Lyka Smith has produced more than 5000 3D printed components for surgeons, clinicians, and dentist Australia wide. Lyka Smith products conform to regulatory and quality requirements.



Option A

  1. Email ready to print STL, OR, coDiagnostiX file with guide design to:

  2. Specify patient name, surgery date and location, and the printed guide will be delivered prior to surgery.

  3. For cases where ready to print STL models are supplied please include the implant/drilling protocol as this will enable our engineers to correctly place the guide sleeves.

Option B

  1. Email the following information
      • CBCT or DICOM
      • Teeth model scans or intraoral scans
      • Patient name, surgery date, surgery location and requesting surgeon/clinician

  2. Lyka Smith engineers will organise a virtual surgical planning session where implant placement can be planned, guide design created and drilling protocol established.

  3. Once approved, guides will be printed and shipped in time for the surgery.


Step 1

Surgeon sends DICOM and teeth scans in .STL FORMAT

Step 2

Lyka Smith Engineers will match CBCT and teeth scans in coDiagnostiX

Step 3

Lyka Smith Engineers schedule and conducts Virtual Surgical Planning with a surgeon using GoToMeeting

Step 4

Following the VSP, Lyka Smith Engineers design a surgical guide/s and sends a surgical protocol generate by coDiagnostiX for a final approval

Step 5

As soon as the approval is received, Lyka Smith Engineers proceed with manufacturing of the requested parts

Step 6

Once surgical guide is printed, Lyka Smith Engineer inserts sleeves into the guide

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