About Us

We are Medical CAD/CAM

At Lyka Smith, our mission is to provide industry professionals with personalised medical solutions for improved surgical outcomes.

We are dedicated and highly experienced in providing you with CAD/CAM products across a broad range of medical procedures and services. Our engineers are proficient from product design to manufacture and are driven to create unique, tangible outcomes. We pride ourselves for being at the frontier of 3D printing technologies and provide medical industry professionals with fully customised parts, devices and implants. Every detail is scrutinised under tight tolerances and precise fits. As a result, professionals and their patients benefit from dramatically improved fit, accuracy and comfort.

Customer Orientated

At the heart of Lyka Smith, our business is solely focused on you.

Our staff is devoted to forming and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers, such that we dedicate all of your requirements to a single engineer. We ensure that you can put a name and face to our staff and provide you with a direct point of contact for your questions or concerns.

We pride ourselves in providing rapid response times, and in many instances offer face-to-face consultations to create a personalised and seamless experience.

Locally based in melbourne

The services of Lyka Smith are currently adopted Australia-wide, with its main office based in Melbourne, Australia.

As we are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, we are able to offer rapid services on-demand, with expedited services being dispatched as fast as 3-5 days.

For more information

contact our melbourne based team